Our Menu

A menu where the product is cared for, where the best raw materials are looked for and where the expertise of a great team will make you enjoy every bite.


 -‘Joselito’ acorn cured ham, tomato compote, olive oil and country-style bread.          29

-Tomato “gazpachito” on a bed of seafood.                                                            17

-Foie terrine with apple puree and tempranillo molasses.                                     24

-Carpaccio of shrimp from Huelvawith a three-coloured vinaigrette.                  24

-Lobster salad with a mezclum and its coral emulsion.                                          29

-Season vegetables with crab, ajo blanco and pistachio nuts.                                20

Roasted scallops over a piperade of spider crab.                                                   23

-Tuna tartar with egg yolk, Sichuanpepper, sesame and ginger.                          20




-Roast monkfish with squid ratatouille and red pepper juice.                                28

-Hake loin in green sauce with clams.                                                                     25

-Squid in its ink with crumbs of Iberian ham.                                                          25

-Hake cheeks tradition ‘pilpil’ style.                                                                        32

-Braised Norway lobster tails with foie sauce.                                                        27



-Sirloin steak with Módena juice and crunchy red fruit and raisins.                      28

-Cube of oxtail with salt potatoes and pepper confit.                                             28

-Roast pigeon with stewed pears, pine nuts and liquorice.                                     27

-Oxtail ravioli with mascarpone cream and truffle.                                             23

-Steak tartar traditional style.                                                                                 30



Ask our sommelier about our selection of wines 

Ikea’s cuisine is 100% artisanal, which means it involves working with all food allergen groups. Please ask our staff if you require any further information.

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